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 Harvest Moon How does it work?

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PostSubject: Harvest Moon How does it work?   Mon May 12, 2008 11:46 pm

If you know what Harvest Moon is and played it, you can skip this part.

Well,in Harvest Moon, you are a young farmer(a male or female) who begins your life in a farmer's job. You take care of animals, grow crops, and you may marry and probably have children. You do almost everything. (I know I did it short.)

In this forum, you don't have to be a farmer. You can be a doctor, a carpenter, or almost anything else. You can also be the Harvest Goddess, the Witch Princess or the Harvest Sprites since that would make the game really interesting.(But you have to make your name "Harvest Goddess and if you want to play the pokemon side, you may want to make a new account.)

Time flies fast in the forum. In this game, 4 months(Real time.) have to past for to be a year.(In the forum.) The events will come in the months they are order into. For example, if the day is 26th of March, it would be the 26th of Spring.
That's the list of the month and what season we'll be :

April : Spring
May : Summer
June : Fall
July : Winter
One year have pass
August : Spring
September : Summer
October : Fall
November : Winter
Two years have pass

Hope you got it. In month with 31 days, the last day, we don't play. It's just a day to get ready for the next season. Also, when a season will be in February, we'll pass a day that's not important, because of the only 28/29 days of February.
For example, the 5th February, we're the 5th Spring, and then the 6th February we're, in the game, the 7th Spring.

For the children, if you begin has a little toddler or a kid, you have two weeks(In real life 2 weeks) to wait to grow up.
If you're an teenager, you can be the character has long has you wish (cause the avatar can be a teenager and an adult, so).

Spring Festival
01st : New Years Day (at the Square)
14th : Spring Thanksgiving (Anywhere)
18th : Horse Race (At the Square)
22nd : Cooking Festival (At the Square)

Summer Festival
01st : Beach Oppening Day (At the Beach)
05th : Dog Freesbee (At the Beach)
13th : Chicken Sumo (At the Square)
21st : Cow Festival (At the Square)
26th : Fireworks (At the Beach)

Fall Festival
03rd : Music Festival (At the Church)
09th : Harvest Festival (At the Square)
21st : Sheep Festival (At the Square)
30th : Pumpkin Festival (At your house)

Winter Festival
14th : Valentine's Day (Anywhere romantic xD)
24th : Starry Festival (Anywhere fun!)
25th : Christmas (At your home)
30th : New Years (At the Square or at the Mountain)

Friend, Love or Total Stranger?
Here's the heart and they meaning :

= Friend
= Good Friend
= Best Friend
= Very Close
= Boyfriend/Girlfriend
=Fall in Love/Married

Oh and if you're a child i ask you to take a minimum of 3 weeks to grow up thank you for reading this important notice.
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Harvest Moon How does it work?
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